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I have had a ton of bike work into the fall and fall design classes started.

Now finally catching up and will update older posts soon.

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Along the way, body-sensing of the overall physical and mental condition took centre stage.

Minor tweaks and adjustments were made with the trainers and pacers to better the form and condition for race day. After registration and sizing, all trainees were introduced to the NightHawk Program briefly, before being briefed on the distances, routes and effort for the day's efforts. There were lots of chatting and sharing going on, interspersed with the occasional walk breaks or water stops. All that made for more sustainable efforts in what otherwise was a rather challenging morning in terms of weather and heat conditions. Since then, there’s no turning back except hitting the road after a hard days work. As avid soccer and badminton player during tertiary education, making the transition to running after graduation was not a plain sailing but a rather bumpy ride. The first five years was quite a turbulence learning the rope through trial and error as well as pain and burnout. We're going through a bit of a Star Wars revival in our house. That's Lizzy in the last picture, if you were wondering.

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