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This creative, new product easily attaches to any stock Twin Cam, cam cover and is ideal for custom bikes with nostorage. The unique adapter ring allows for a simple twist on/off entry for quick access to a variety of items such as registration, insurance papers, cash, keys, etc. JIMS Bike Pocket is available in Chrome, Polished or Black Anodize and can be ordered in either a smooth finish or milled ring and bolt pattern finish. With Gods help, I too will continue to fight for our freedom, and be responsible to protect our Constitution. In peace we pray for all people. I was inspired by a another blog to put together some treasures in a pallet of color, one of my favorites. The wonderful blog is "Dream In Cream", will not be disappointed, and you "will" be entertained by wonderful eye candy and humor.

This was fun to get together a bunch of cream color small things in a group.

I started with a dolls wardrobe trunk. Hauled it to the bathroom,,,as that window is the best light, and gathered the goodies,,it was fun. I could do this sort of thing all week. It was a good exercise in color sense as well. I may have to do it again in another color pallet. I'm thinking of antique royal colors,,or gold,,or. I recently started to check out this blog called YA Highway, which is of particular interest to me because.

I write YA.

And I like hearing what other people have to say about it. Anyway, I never consciously decided to stop writing that age level until The Manuscript waddled along. The Manuscript is my attempt to write about what I like to call "healthy love. Find the first five sentences. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people.

No, not him.

He can go to Hell. Labels: musing, yay us. Type in the text that you want to be vocalized, choose the voice you want to use, and have this little toy call your buddy. Oh, worried about the caller ID blowing the prank? Well hey! It can fix that little detail. Fill in the fields, and voila! You're sending the message of your choice, in the voice of your choice, to the phone number of your choice, apparently from the person and number of your choosing. You must use this power only for good. Promise me. Flag is made from polyester and printed in bright colors to make an attractive flag. Each flag is individually sewn around the edges. The storyline should be resuming some time in April. When? YOU'LL HAVE TO WATCH EVERY VIDEO UNTIL THE END TO FIND OUT!. But most likely closer to the end of the month. I have to get my taxes together, plus stuff featured below, so that takes time from editing and whatnot. Happy Monday Morning! I hate Mondays, I especially hate Mondays when I stayed up late to watch a disappointing certain season finale of a certain zombie show! yea! This girl gets up way to early in the morning and it was so not worth staying up last night. Any who. today is MONDAY and it's my day to post a little inspiration from SugarPea Designs. Eeeek - this is my LAST post for the Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog. As you may already know I was asked to move up to the Magnolia-licious Design Team so you will still see my work, but over on the Highlights blog! This weeks challenge is a photo inspiration - Here is what I created from the photo. I used Tilda with Peony and colored her with copic markers. The paper is from My Minds Eye. Flowers are Wild Orchid Crafts. Butterfly is from Prima. The CQC. Professor Stephen Field, a smug self serving arse licking arrogant utter bell end. The Daily Mail! And no, I'm not going to provide a link. wow. Well, Deb - and anyone else who's interested in offering hospitality to people from other cultures - you'll love these posts! They wrap up Nicole's series on hospitality at in tandem:an interview with Rachael about Vanuatuthoughts from Sloveniathoughts from ChileEnjoy!. A couple of months ago, I posted some questionnaires to help you identify the lies and idols of your heart. Choose a habitual sin that you struggle with, or a persistent negative emotion like anger, guilt, despondency or anxiety. Draw up four columns on a page. g. And I’m leading a seminar on enjoying God in a couple of months. So I’m really looking forward to Sunday School. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them. It would be logical to assume that time works differently in the spiritual world, which is not confined by the processes and decay of the temporal, physical world. We don’t know when his meeting was held and in our sense of time it could have been soon after the first. Job, who has suffered the very things he feared the most, now must deal with an attack on his person. Notice here the interaction between Satan and God. God acknowledges that Job was attacked without a cause. Paul prays that we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit, in the man inside, not the person of flesh we still have to deal with but the saved man who is at odds with the man of flesh. Paul already told us that it was his calling to teach the unsearchable riches of Christ back in verse eight. In Romans Paul speaks of how God’s longsuffering attitude is supposed to reveal, “the riches of his glory,” to us. It is an act of God, not of your good wishes or feigned spirituality. The prayer continues that we be rooted in love. This love is clearly meant to be the love we have for God and the love we have for our brothers and sisters in Christ and the love we have for the lost. Perhaps he is a kind of super fool. John Gill laments the conceited, proud, and haughty person who professes faith in Christ but isn’t worth, as Dr. Ruckman says, “the shot and powder it would take to blow him into the lake of fire. This person is not submitted to Christ and his behavior and speech shows it. But, before we can discuss who the “angel of the Lord” is let’s figure out what exactly an angel is. Third, none of them are spoken of as having wings. This very early sketch of Kronos made it into Zeus: King of the Gods almost without a change. It's one of my favorite pages of that book. It's been a whirlwind of posted finished colored pages 'round here lately! Here's one from the book's central action scene, where the Lord of the Dead himself carries off young Kore to the Underworld. This page is part of the same sequence that these two almost finished pages I posted awhile ago belong to, and I also had previously posted the black and white artwork for it as well. And now it's done!. I pick up his books wherever I find him. I like the way he writes. He carries me along with the story, and it's hard to put the books down. from the fly-leaf:A haunting love story about the choices of the heart from the acclaimed Irish master -his first novel since the Booker-shortlisted The Story of Lucy Gault. Ellie Dillaham is a shy orphan girl from the hill country, married to a man whose life has been blighted by an unspeakable tragedy. Ellie lives a quiet life in the small Irish town of Rathmoye until she meets Florian Kilderry, a young photographer preparing to leave Ireland and his past forever. The chance intersection of these lost souls sets in motion a poignant love affair that requires Ellie to make an impossible choice. In spare, exquisite prose, William Trevor delves into the circumscribed lives of the people of Rathmoye, exploring their passions and frustrations during one long summer. And when that heart settles back down, it will be broken and satisfied. " Kirkus Reviews opens with this: "The poignancy of life worn down at the elbows, Trevor’s signature note, gently animates another masterpiece. " The LA Times has a positive review that opens, "That William Trevor has not yet received the Nobel Prize in Literature strikes me as a shame. and here's mine! Hope that you are excited about this as I am! Have a beautiful day!Thienly . This exhibit at the Dixon Gallery included a variety of pieces. Unless I can find seats made more like the old-style theater seats. The "new" over-sized stadium seating has me in severe pain in my hip and back. If I slide down far enough for my feet to touch the floor, my back screams for some support of any kind. If I try to sit sideways with one or both feet up in the seat, my head hits the head rest in a bad place.

We have a decent-sized tv here at the house, so I think I'll stay home from now on.

Unless, as I say, I can find a theater old enough to have the smaller seating. We did like this Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie. This is director Ishirō Honda's last solo film. I can't tell you how happy I am when I see a Sunday Cinema post from SF Signal. I look forward to each one. Of course I can look up movies on my own, but there's something nice about having them appear as if by magic in my news reader. Not that this particular film is a masterpiece or anything, but so few films are. It's a fun one to watch if you're into that kind of thing. There is an awful lot of narration at the beginning to set the scene. via hulu: There are ads. Moria praises the fight scenes and the climax and opens by putting the film in some context:Terror of Mechagodzilla was the fifteenth Godzilla film. It was by all accounts relatively crude — a pressure cooker, explosives, some wires, ball bearings and nails. nails which, hours later, doctors would struggle to remove from the flesh of bleeding victims. Trinity Reformed Church is hosting a conference for people who want to know more about sharing their faith, the hope that is in them, particularly with unbelievers. This is a free conference - no registration required. I am not speaking at the conference, but I will be there for the Friday evening session, and CCM will be hosting a book table both days. Palouse River Dr. Moscow, Idaho. Jim Wilson: What is the Gospel?. WIth a choice of three pre-set pressure settings, I've found it excellent for scenic work such as painting and weathering track, scenery and buildings on a layout. It's also proved great for small-scale weathering and detail painting work, such as 'OO' and 'N' gauge rolling stock. The unit can be operated stood on a heavy-duty rubber pad, or laid flat on its vibration-absorbing feet. It's not too noisy either and the three pressure settings give good control without too much in the way of 'pulsing'. This usually coincides with a need to 'rest' while the surface dries, or to replenish the paint in the airbrush, so it's no big deal. Over the weekend, in between building a vestibule and decorating a hallway, I managed to fit in some work on some rolling stock projects that are to feature in my next book. As I like to work in batches, I've had a variety of models all awaiting their turn in the transfer queue, two of which are the old Airfix kits featured previously on this Blog. As for the Esso tanker, I didn't bother trying the supplied decals as they had turned an ugly shade of yellow and cracked badly. Happily, Cambridge Custom Transfers produce a lovely pack of waterslides for this iconic kit and they go on a treat. applegate. co. uk/. /carfax-bearings-metal-fabricated-products-. Carfax Bearings, All Industry, Plumbing & Heating Equipment Wholesalers,.