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I just got a brand-new Gen. Given the reduced price that they put this on, I felt like I had no choice. I'm ordering Trijicon HD XR sights for it, and am shopping light-bearing AIWB holsters. Any suggestions for best ones?It's probably time that I carry something more substantial than the mouse guns which I tend to carry off-duty. Labels: guns, handguns, projects. If you want to find out what motivated me to do so, you can read about it here. "to a deserted place and rest a while. The institution of the Lord's Day helps everyone enjoy adequate rest and leisure to cultivate their familial, cultural, social, and religious lives. nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. The liturgical actions signify what the Word of God expresses: both his free initiative and his people's response of faith. The Robin's are back from Florida. I love their song. The Squirrel's are busy too. A Wedding is anticipated.

I am looking forward to seeing everything transpire.

I have always loved this image.

I found it in a very old scrapbook. I hope you can make something beautiful with it. There are two different ways you might try to deal with it. One is by trying to keep it from happening, or at least to slow it. The other is by adapting to it. There are at least two respects in which the latter approach is superior to the former. The first is that it avoids the public good problem. If the U. S. Student "sleepovers" provide information to the prospective student that is both valuable and likely to influence the final decision, but. There is a lot of noise in the signal. The information is valuable because it gives the prospective student a feel for the student society in which she will be immersed for four years if she goes there.

Here is the text of my remarks last night.

I want to thank Adrian Durlester for the thoughts about Exegesis and Eisegesis. Black – Temple Emanuel - Denver, CO In Rabbinical School, we were taught varying methods of interpreting sacred texts. Two important distinctions we learned were about the differences between Exegesis and Eisegesis. Exegesis is a critical explanation or interpretation of a text. The goal of Biblical exegesis is to discover a text's significance or relevance. Scholars can reference historical or form critical sources to look for similarities, hints to other relevant texts, and linguistic concepts such as meter, rhyme, names of God and many other techniques to draw out the intention of the author and the true meaning of the text. Eisegesis, on the other hand is the process of misinterpreting a text in such a way that it introduces one's own ideas, reading into the text. While exegesis draws out the meaning from the text, eisegesis occurs when a reader reads his/her interpretation into the text. The proportion of fine to coarse particles in an all-in aggregate cannot be varied and the proportion may vary from batch to batch so that it is not possible to control the mix and therefore the strength of concrete made with all-in aggregate. Accepted practice today is to make concrete for building from a separate mix of fine and coarse aggregate which is produced from ballast by washing, sieving and separating the fine from the coarse aggregate. feed. entry. length. During the last two weekends I have spent some time back up at Elim installing a new alarm system.

It is the first addressable alarm system that I have ever worked with.

The specs called for strobes or horn/strobes in every room, so the alarm panel needed a booster panel to run all of those alarm devices. While I was there the wood started arriving to fix the roof of the Tab.

The moral of that story is to never put a flat room under an angled roof.

The snow falls off the angled roof and piles up on the flat roof. Then the snow melts but the water cannot get through the drift. Then the water leaks down into the rooms below. Afterward, I called my friend Joe Speer and thanked him for the good work that he had done on the trigger, and bobbing the hammer with serrations over the back of the bob.

I could use some work on my reloads, though.

If I'm only acceptable with reloads on the range, how well do I expect to be in an incident where the balloon goes up? The single most realistic movie depiction of a revolver reload when the adrenaline is pumping is in The Silence Of The Lambs, in this scene here. Sure, we're seeing an actor portray it. But I've had fight-or-flight adrenaline flowing through my veins before, and my motor coordination was about like that, too. Reloading a magazine is a darned sight easier under that kind of stress. I started work on a Bianchi Celeste this week. Other then wanting a Bianchi when I was a kid and restoring only a few I do not know much about Bianchis. My first question is a Celeste a model or refers to any Bianchi painted in the Celeste color? It also seems to me that a lot of Bianchi's do not have model names, is there a basic Bianchi unmarked model? I do know there are many stories of other bicycles repainted and have Bianchi decals put on them, that is not a problem here, the fork crown has the Bianchi badge, the seat stays have the Bianchi stamp and the head tube lugs have the Bianchi B cast into it. The paint is rough, the alloy is dull and the rear wheel has a snapped axle. I am thinking though that there is a beautiful bicycle in there. The Bianchi will receive a total restoration with a new rear axle, new tubes and Continental Sport Tires, Ne cables and cable housings and new handlebar tape. Bright and color Halloween flag by Artist Tim Coffey. Design is visible from both sides, reads correctly from one side. Dislay Halloween garden flags with our garden flag stands. Good morning! It's time for a new challenge at There She Goes.

This week our challenge is brought to us by Danielle! She is challenging YOU to make a card or project using the inspiration photo provided Love Pink and Yellow together, so thats what inspired my card today.

I used one of the new stamps from the Aquaholics set. Back in April I wrote about the case of Dr Phillipp Bonhoeffer who had been suspended by the GMC, and was facing a fitness to practice hearing on the thinnest of evidence, evidence which was purely hearsay. The GMC in their typical arrogance are in denial. That twat Niall Dickson astoundingly has stated that the case remains open, and Dr Bonhoeffer remains suspended, despite the fact that the high court judge has forbidden the GMC from using the only evidence they had. What makes that fool Dickson think that the GMC are above the law? What does it take to get any humility from these people? They should drop this case immediately, reverse the suspension and apologise. What arseholes. One of the reasons I posted the quote below of Bevan’s was to illustrate one of the original principles of the NHS, that it’s purpose was to care for the sick. Over the years the range of services provided by the NHS has grown out of all recognition. And with that growth there has been a blurring of what constitutes sickness, and therefore what might be obtained under the description of treatment, at taxpayers expense.

I am not suggesting necessarily that these, and similar treatments, should not be available on the NHS, though I think it a fair guess that they are not quite what Bevan had in mind.

I do draw the line however at this. For a NHS Trust to engage in this is quite abominable, particularly when it seems to be specifically directed at those most vulnerable of patients, those with acute mental illness. This volcano cake was one of the easiest we've made, and almost one of the most effective. But Thomas and Andy, whose birthday it was, didn't mind!!It's super-easy. Here's how we did it:We baked a butter cake in a pudding basin,made some chocolate butter icing,and iced the cake. We put some dinosaurs around the sidesand stuck in some sparklers. Here, at both ends of the passage it is said that a father and a mother of a righteous child will rejoice. That may be hard to imagine in America as this country has always appreciated a financially successful child rather than a child who is faithful to Christ and to His standards of morality. Parents who can even acknowledge the wisdom of their children, it must be assumed, must be wise themselves. Parents who were raised themselves on the values popping out of their television sets, movies, or pop songs would probably have a hard time realizing that their child was righteous.

If they’re religious, chances are they are more concerned with his political views, how often he’s in church, and how he or she dresses and acts than what kind of walk with Christ they have.

But, a child who stands out as believing the Bible, uplifting and loving the Lord, and living with the fruit of the Spirit flowing from his or her behavior would be a treasure to righteous parents. It starts with how a young person s hears their parents. You might not agree with me on these points but we have that liberty.

There is no cellular process nor is there any movement or other activity of life that is not initiated and made possible and directed by the sovereign hand of God.

Even the universe is held together not by the unbelieving scientist’s “dark matter” or “dark energy” or mysterious filaments but by Christ Himself.

Today's sketch is me starting to figure out how to depict certain scenes. I ultimately went with a very different depiction of this scene in Athena: Grey Eyed Goddess, but I did like the dynamism of her pose here. I don't normally post these drawings to the Olympiansrule blog because they normally have nothing to do with Olympians, but today the topic was "Civilization" and I drew the famous Colosseum of Ancient Rome. I admit it still doesn't have much to do with Olympians, but I thought you all might still like to see it. Since the director and both lead actors are can't-miss attractions in my book, this movie is a must-see. There is a scene that takes place during the Christmas season that includes a Christmas tree and a singing of Silent Night: trailer: Scandale - Akira Kurosawa - Trailer by k-chan I watched it when Hulu offered it free. They aren't that friendly anymore. Lyrics excerpt:A cup of tea, a cup of tea I've been driving all night, you won't turn on your light that easily A neon sign offers some shelter across the street Guess I'll drink my trouble down with a cup of tea Please join the weekly gathering hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth over at the Altered Book Lover blog. Share a drink with us. Today Elizabeth is posting a tribute to the French people in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris. The neighbors weren't home, but they had left their windows open and their dogs set on bark-nonstop. Music was called for to drown out the incessant barking, so I put on the first Christmas cd of this season: Sting's If On a Winter's Night. I think this was new to us last year, but maybe not. I don't have the cd with the bonus tracks. A few years ago I started buying Christmas cds that were more non-traditional, as I wanted more variety in my seasonal listening. This aids that quest. Gabriel's Message is the first song on the cd:. Now that the tourists have finished paying their Death Week homage to The King, it's quieter at Graceland. You can see a picture of the house that updates every minute at this link. Hello folks! Sorry I did not write about my exploits this month, it has been supremely busy. I was up to much kink at Finishing school, at my christmas panto party and of course 'inside'. I hope the New Year brings me as much fun! Have a great christmas folks and I shall see you all on the other side. L xxx. Hello folks. Find out more about the band in this special preview only released today by Lucy McLean and Paul Kennedy:Oh and that is not all folks. No indeed. Hot Fuzz also have their own Number One single written and performed by lead singer Amy Hunter. Yup, in the pool. Stupid right heel. It's fairly important to know exactly what it is, since the proper treatment differs for each condition, and treating it as one could set me back if it's something else. plantar fasciitis - stretching, eccentric calf dips, Graston/dry needling, roll foot out with golf ball, maybe NSAIDS, plus gentle running. bursitis - max out the NSAIDS, minimize the weight bearing activity, touch heel as little as possible. stress reaction - bone stim, absolutely no NSAIDS, minimize weight bearing activity, touch heel as little as possible, maybe boot. Until I know, I'm in flux. But pool running and swimming is fine regardless of what I have, so I'm doing that. I got the MRI done on Saturday morning, and of course I booted up the disc of images as soon as I got home. A bit of a chaotic week.

I do note that Tampa was substantially cooler than Washington DC, which amused me.

Then Friday was essentially a rest day due to my planned track mile race on Saturday morning.

Of course, the track meet was cancelled due to our horrible weather, and so I ended up doing back to back runs on Saturday and Sunday – with a conversational medium run on Saturday, and a progression long run on Sunday.

you have probably spent too much time in a convent, monastery, collecting elastic bands or playing PlayStation!"There I was one lunchtime wandering around a supermarket. Truth be known I was probably bored. It was then that I came across the DVD section. Why this Question Matters. In treating of the topic, it became clear that the most important consideration was to understand the way in which we attribute love to God. We have to be careful with the meaning of terms applied to God and to man, understanding the analogies and dis-analogies in their uses. In this question Aquinas turns to the ideas of justice and mercy in God. In scripture and in the liturgy, these are terms that are sometimes applied to God in the same breath in which love is attributed to God, so it is not surprising that Aquinas follows the same strategy in this question as he did in the last. I sought out feedback from my coworkers on what they wanted to see, what they used often, and what things they wanted to do more with in order to spedd up their work day. The approach to the redesign was simple: make the most used tools visible at the top of each panel, and less frequent tools are placed in the Panel's pulldown portion. .