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Shops will probably want both. paughco. You can now enjoy the Hot News on your mobile device. Just type in vtwinnews. blogspot. From Performance MachineLook. Nobody said we’re perfect. Oh, we produce some mighty fine wheels on a regular basis, but every once in a while our quality inspection department will go ahead and reject a part that might have a tiny, nearly indistinguishable defect. Most of our eBay offerings are just bare wheels and they require about three weeks to have hubs manufactured for them. Each of us has a responsibility to seek the answers through Scripture and Church teaching about it: the Magisterium This takes time, effort, attention and love. But that is one reason why we are here, together, every week: to dedicate ourselves to the breaking of bread, the Eucharist, the Scripture and prayers. On Sundays we celebrate His Resurrection and make it more fully our own expectation and hope.

This is what we build our lives on: not fear but hope in Jesus Christ, alive here with us in the grace of the sacraments, above all the Eucharist, so that we may be with Him one day at the right hand of the Father.

Dear single Mom, You wrote to me, sadly, informing me that you had decided to withdraw your daughter from Confirmation faith formation classes as you had reached a conclusion that she is not "prepared " to receive Confirmation this year. You are right. No one can ever adequately prepare for the infinite and divine gift of grace because we are all human. Human beings merit nothing except in Christ who has alone "merited" it for us by reason of His sacred humanity and Divinity through the Passion, death and Resurrection. That is the reason why no one is ever truly "prepared" to receive grace as it remains always pure gift.

Instruction, spiritual exercises such as worship at Mass and personal prayer are necessary therefore.

Every child, due to the young age at which he or she is confirmed, needs a Catholic parent or parents who provide consistent and active example and guidance. Very few of our young people who are confirmed today are realistically expected or capable of being mature adult witnesses of the Faith. Perhaps your family has grown over the years into a habit of sleeping in on Sundays. And when I am lifted up from the earth,I will draw everyone to myself. This assembly transcends racial, cultural, social - indeed, all human affinities. On the altar, which is the center of the church, the sacrifice of the Cross is made present under sacramental signs. A special intention. Thank you.

See "What Do Catholics Really Believe?" which today highlights the letter by bishops in Texas on Voting as Faithful Citizens.

Especially helpful is their statement that there is no "moral equivalence" between prudential matters, such as fighting poverty and solving the economic crisis, and issues involving intrinsic evil such as the fight against legalized abortion. Issues concerning intrinsic evil outweigh prudential matters when casting one's vote as a "faithful citizen". In my recent exchange with Robert Frank, I suggested that his view of schooling has important implications for government policy. It follows that the social benefit—individual benefit summed over everyone—of my attending Harvard is much less than the private benefit, hence that individuals will be willing to spend much more on schooling than it is really worth. Putting it differently, it implies that each person's expenditure on schooling imposes negative externalities on other people. Frank appears to believe that this is true not only of money spent on going to Harvard but on the money spent by well off suburban taxpayers on the public schools that their children attend. The usual view of economists is that acts imposing negative externalities ought to be discouraged, perhaps by taxing them. Some time back, I had a post discussing Nudges, an interesting book by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein arguing for what they call libertarian paternalism. As I pointed out there, one problem with the proposal is that it is easy to convert libertarian paternalism—presenting alternatives to people in a way designed to get them to choose the one that they would choose if they were acting in a fully rational way in pursuit of their existing objectives—into ordinary paternalism, choosing for them. All the choice architect has to do is to raise the cost, in time, money, convenience, and/or information, of choosing the alternative that he believes the chooser doesn't really want to choose—or that the architect himself doesn't want chosen. And I offered a real world example, in a private context, of just that happening—twice. Some of these issues have recently been hashed out on Cato Unbound in an exchange involving Thaler, Glenn Whitman, who is a libertarian critic of libertarian paternalism, and other posters. But he recognizes that other people might use the idea in less libertarian fashion. Which got me thinking.

Tweet Strength and stability.

Up to the middle of the twentieth century the design and construction of small buildings, such as houses, was based on tried, traditional forms of construction. There were generally accepted rule of thumb methods for determining the necessary thickness for the walls of small buildings. By and large, the acceptance of tried and tested methods of construction, allied to the experience of local builders using traditional materials in traditional forms of construction, worked well. With the increasing use of unfamiliar materials, such as steel and concrete, in hitherto unused forms, it became necessary to make calculations to determine the least size of elements of structure for strength and stability in use. " But it actually is a pretty damned specific logical fallacy. It's a circular argument, in which a conclusion is based upon assumptions of facts that regard what it's trying to prove. Hmmm. The ATF is a valid law enforcement agency. The proof of the ATF's validity is that it arrests people who violate gun regulations. Zip ties are also included. Mailboc cover and front face may be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit.

Lighting installed in dragon fruit farmI came across innovative farmers somewhere in Johore who manage to induce floweeing in dragon fruits using lights.

Of course there are costs incurred however the yield produced could offsets the initial investments. As we know that that dragon fruits is a long day plant where more sunshine is needed especially to trigger flowering. Flower buds emerged from terminal shootsHere are some pics that can shared with hobbyists, planters and farmers alike so that they have some idea of what I am talking about. Should anyone interest to know more pls let me know. This is my first Bunka doll. Bunka doll has an orthodox method of making. But I don't know it. So I made it in my original way. This is a fake Bunka. Bunka doll is a sort of Japanese doll. According to this measure of size, the Fed would have to grow its balance at the rate of nominal GDP growth. Let me explain. Let's begin with a picture that most people are familiar with. It's surprising why a small Flash or Lake can attract so many birds. I have to admit that I never ascribed much importance to the idea of "tax policy shocks" as an important driver of the U. S. postwar business cycle. But I just came across a paper that has led me to re-evaluate my views on this matter: Empirical Evidence on the Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated U. S. Here is the abstract: We provide empirical evidence on the dynamics effects of tax liability changes in the United States. We distinguish between surprise and anticipated tax changes using a timing-convention. We document that pre-announced but not yet implemented tax cuts give rise to contractions in output, investment and hours worked while real wages increase. In contrast, there are no significant anticipation effects on aggregate consumption. Implemented tax cuts, regardless of their timing, have expansionary and persistent effects on output, consumption, investment, hours worked and real wages. In addition, the group claims that the Interior Department and Secretary Ken Salazar have done almost nothing to “protect the Gulf from another potential calamity,” and it’s urged members of Congress to either legislate — or formally request President Obama to issue an executive order — shuttering BP Atlantis until legally required safety documentation is presented for public review. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. The race-transcending gospel - Such an encouragement to share our faith with everyone and anyone without fear or prejudice! Trillia Newbell. Counselling the hard cases - Yes, God can help - even with the really hard cases. Interesting reflections on severe mental disorders, porn addiction, and so on. Matt Smethurst. The pleasures and sorrows of work - Can we know our "calling"? Or is this a modern, Western idea - even a "cruel" idea - grafted onto Christianity? Some interesting thoughts here. Alain de Botton via Ali. Jani Ortlund. How to pray for your husband - A great list for married women to print out and tuck into your Bibles. I don’t usually read Christian books during our summer vacation. I take a couple away with me, worthy inclusions in a tottering pile of books, but my hand reaches for the novels and the Christian books remain untouched.

But last summer was different.

I picked up Tim Challies’s The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion, skimmed the first few pages, and enjoyed them so much that I read it cover-to-cover in a few days. It’s hard to think of anyone better equipped than Tim Challies to write a book about the impact of technology on the Christian life. Living a life interrupted by the ‘beep’, in the glow of the latest iDevice, he began to suspect his technologies owned him as much as he owned them. Amen. Amen. K. Chesterton is a refreshing reminder of the reassuring reality of our smallness. How gracious of God to use you and me to touch the lives of the eternal creatures who surround us every day. Don't believe everything you read: I'm not sure I do, and I wrote it. Every fact can be true, but is the conclusion right? You'll have to figure that one out yourself.

Continuing the series from the past few days of my early proposed portrait-style covers for Olympians.

Here's the cover for Athena, which, curiously, doesn't even have the goddess's name on the cover, only Grey-Eyed Goddess. A. Stanwyck is always priceless. Not Dead Yet is one in the Peter James Roy Grace series. I'd intended to read these in order, but someone gave this one to me. There is a plethora of subplots, and at times the book felt disjointed. The main detective has two different subplots going on, neither of them at all connected to the crime and neither of which is resolved.

The main assistant detective also has a romantic subplot that is unresolved at the end of the book.

The plot is just a bit busy for my taste. As when I read the first in the series: I like the detective just fine, but the plot doesn't suit me. photo from Dixon. The photo above came from the Dixon web site. The Husband and I went to see the Scenic Impressions: Southern Interpretations from the Johnson Collection exhibit. The Dixon web site description: The Johnson Collection is a private art collection based in Spartanburg, South Carolina that boasts an extensive survey of artistic activity in the American South from the late eighteenth century to the present day. This unique collection illuminates the rich history and diverse cultures of the region. When the kids were little it was our practice to choose a favorite from exhibits we saw, and I still find myself doing that. Here's the label on the back of a promotional piece from that exhibit: While we were there we found an exhibit by local artist Martha Kelly.

image from MarthaKellyArt.

I've read and enjoyed the others and always look forward to the next one. It's much better to read them in at least some approximation of the order in which they were written, as the characters grow and their relationships change through time. The series is written in Italian but with a substantial sprinkling of Sicilian phrases and grammar. Both writers make great play of their protagonists' gastronomic preferences. Caffeinated Joe shared this guide to how to tell if you've had too much coffee:You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee When: You ski uphill. You speed walk in your sleep. You answer the door before people knock. You sleep with your eyes open. You grind your coffee beans in your mouth. You have to watch videos in fast-forward. The only time you’re standing still is in an earthquake. You lick your coffee pot clean. Your eyes stay open when you sneeze. Tor.

I'm hesitant to make one, because my bookshelves are already crowded with little items that go with the books and I don't have DVD shelving yet.

They are cute, though.

HT: SciFi SquadThe picture at the top of the post is from Wikipedia.

Darating kaya sa panahon na ang aking pagiging LAGALAG ay aking pagsisihan dahil sa marami akong na aksaya na oras imbes na nagpapakadalubhasa sa propesyon na aking tinapos, mas ginugugol ko ang aking oras sa halos linggo linggo nasa biyahe at hindi alam kung saan lugar patungo, pagsisihan ko din ba ang mga pera na aking winawaldas na dapat inipon at pinang bili nalang sana sa mas importanteng bagay, pagsisihan ko din ba na bigla nalang humina ang aking katawan dahil sa parang waterproof at shockproof dahil sa mga pabago bagong klima habang naglalakbay sa kabundukan at sa hindi inaasahan nadudulas at napipilayan, pagisisihan ko din ba na magkakaroon ako ng sakit sa atay dahil sa pagiging manginginom habang nakikipag tawanan at nakipag asaran sa harap ng mesa na may tinutunggang alak sa mga bagong kaibigan na nakikilala. Marahil siguro may pagkakataon na sasabihin ko ito sa aking sarili na sana pinakinggan ko nalang sila at baka maging mas maginhawa ang aking buhay may magagarang kasuotan, maraming pera, may maipagmamalaking bansag na naka kabit sa pangalan marahil nga mangyayari ito kapag susundin ko lahat magagandang payo nila. Pero sa aking puso at isipan kontento na ako sa normal na buhay makakain, may kunting pangtustos sa araw araw at makapag lakbay sa magagandang natural destinasyon na likha ng Diyos upang ibahagi din sa iba ang bawat kwento ko, Dinadarasal ko sana mapangalagaan baka paglipas ng araw ang mga ganitong kaganda bigla nalang masira at mawala at magiging bahagi na lamang isang magandang kwento. Salamat sa mga manunulat na manlalakbay sila rin naging inspirasyon ko upang subukan din at ikwento ang mga bawat destinasyon na aking napupuntahan hindi man kasing ganda at kasing kulay ng mga ginagamit kung kataga pero pilit ko parin iparating sa aking mga mambabasa ang aking naramdaman at aking nakita sa mga bawat magagandang destinasyon sa bansa. Marahil isa lamang itong pansamantala okaya’y isa na itong pang habang buhay.

Ano man ang aking maging tadhana lubos ko itong tatanggapin na may ngiti at walang pag-aalinlangan.

Kung papalarin tumagal aking buhay ang sarap siguro magkwento habang nasa isang upuan okaya’y nasa duyan habang namamahinga dinadama ang simoy ng hangin at pinagmamasdan ang magagandang tanawin habang kinukwento mo sa iyong mga Apo at Anak ang magagandang karanasan na naging makulay ang aking buhay at nagkaroon ng saysay at saksi ang bawat litratong kupas. Monday morning in the Dent Workshop First day back at work after a week's holiday on the North York Moors Railway and I'm wishing I was still pottering about Levisham station, in the silence and fresh air, waiting to hear a steam whistle in the distance. With my dog snoozing lazily under a platform bench and the only sound being the rustling of trees, birds singing and the crickets in the long grass. But, alas, I'm back in my little shed trying to sort through emails and arrange the next few weeks of work. The next issue of Model Rail goes to press on Thursday too, so things are a bit busy.

While I'm not one to moan, I'm glad that I've got a job that I look forward to starting every day, but I do wish my workshop was located somewhere a bit more exciting.

Lineside on the NYMR, for instance. Or up near Dent station. Why this Question Matters. The final topic in Aquinas’s trilogy of questions on the Holy Spirit concerns “Gift” as a name for the Holy Spirit. “Gift” indicates something apt to be given as well as indicating a relationship with the giver and with the receiver. For a gift to be given it has to be able to belong to the giver and to the one receiving. Aquinas argues that “to belong” implies that receiver must be able to use or enjoy the given in freedom. .