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This closure is due to a washout on the old underground telephone cable road connecting Piute Valley with Lanfair Valley. Happy Simblreen Everyone! Here is another Simblreen gift for you all. My only original content was the cobweb created for the table and the rest are edit of base game items. My dog or cat riding in my KIA Sedona Transporting Pets ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Airbags deploying in the front seat could harm your pet. An unrestrained pet will be thrown about and possibly injured, or injure a passenger during panic braking or in a collision. Transporting KIA Sedona Pets. It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a KIA Sedona. In a collision, dogs or cats riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed. Do not allow pets to ride in any area of your KIA Sedona that is not equipped with seats and seat belts. Be sure everyone in your KIA Sedona is in a seat and using a seat belt properly. Lock Your KIA Sedona, never leave your pet in your KIA Sedona unattended. the Kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it. anything that is your neighbor's. Here I am about to die, though I have done none of the things with which these wicked men have charged me.

At Lourdes where Our Lady gave "pride of place to the sick, the poor and the little ones, we are invited to discover the simplicity of our vocation: it is enough to love".

"Pope Benedict a pilgrim at the spring in the grotto of Massabielle where the Blessed Virgin Mary said to Saint Bernadette: "I cannot promise you happiness in this life, only in the next. ". What's a Catholic to do? List to Bishop Robert Morlino!"Father,"I found a wonderful homily by Bishop Robert C. Morlino of the Madison, WI diocese on the Feast of Corpus Christi. He talks about the reverence we should have when receiving the Eucharist. "In the video Bishop Morlino is recorded saying, "You always have the freedom to receive in the hand or on the tongue. I repeat, you always have that freedom. I cannot remember where I found this top, I do remember "the moment" however.

It is a "knowing", that it is going home with you,,,, it was waiting for you,,,,, meant to be, for some reason.

That is a physiological change in the body, hair standing on end, or goosebumps for some. For me its just a wow and warm feeling. I think it must have been worn on the prairie, it just has that feel. It is skillfully made from flour sacks, partially hand stitched, the rest made on a treadle sewing machine as the stitches are irregular. The velvet collar and cuffs are worn thin, but beautiful still. There are old sweat stain that are there forever, as washing it would be like loosing a special patina. I draped the lace collar and a few other things just for fun. I like the white ones the best. Until I find a new pair. Old shoes are hard to resist, no matter the size. We all should have a red pair that "taps" when we walk. A sweet brown pair for everyday. I do not know enough about either law or politics to have a confident opinion as to whether they are right, but I think there is an important consequence they are missing. First a digression. One puzzle for public choice theory, the economics of politics, is why people vote even though they know that, in a large polity like the U. S. The answer I find most convincing is that most people vote for the same reason that many people cheer for their team in a football match. They enjoy being partisans, feeling "part of the team. " That, in my view, is the reason why sports teams, unlike most other sorts of firms, are routinely connected to cities and universities. Our move is just around the corner and we are packing our belongings into boxes. Unbelievable how much stuff we have. And because I have so many boxes to pack, there are just a couple of freebies today. I think this is me WISHING it was a cooler weather!! I'm soooooo tired of the heat. This week our challenge hostess is ALICE! And her challenge is ANYTHING GOES!! So create a card, scrapbook page or altered item with a Kraftin' Kimmie stamp with no restrictions! Use any sketch, any design, any embellishments because Anything Goes! Have some krafty fun and join us this week because we'd LOVE to see your KKS designs. Evening! Had a sick boy and a few minutes to craft today. Nice being home and not being the sick one! My son is old enough, he just lays around and watches TV when he is sick. My daughter, totally different story, she lays ON ME when she is sick and I get nothing done. So anyways, I did get to play a little today and decided to color up Sneaky Tilda, she is from the new Christimas collection from Magnolia. You can pick her up in Diana's store HERE. I'm sure there will be a run on Christmas stamps with it right around the corner, so hurry up!!Sneaky Tilda is colored with Copic Markers. I have been trying VERY hard to get pleats and clothing to look more real. We know little about the underlying geology of the spill site in the Gulf of Mexico, as BP has held that information close, claiming that it’s “proprietary” data. The main criticism of the NHS reforms is undoubtedly the strong potential for the NHS to be handed over to the private sector bit by bit, or at least the potentially lucrative bits of it. For example, I will bet that your Trust has a mission statement. Perhaps they should focus less on telling us how wonderful they are, and more on showing us. Something else that Trusts are indulging in is the active soliciting of feedback from the “clients”, as patients are now referred to. It is not enough that the staff are overwhelmed by useless tick box forms, now the patients are asked to fill them in as well, by prying into the “patient experience”. How was it for you? The results of these will always be positive, because despite the attempts of management to fuck things up the medical and nursing staff usually manage to deliver the goods in spite of the increasingly difficult circumstances.

This blog is about as apolitical as I can make it.

But you can only bite your lip for so long. The shambolic excuse for democracy we are lumbered with is a disgrace. Despite the illusion of a democratic process the one thing we know at each election is that we are going to be governed predominantly by public school educated, oxbridge graduates, who are unlikely to have ever held down a real job. And as for the upper house, this is nothing less than an affront to the concept of democracy. The appointment of the Lords, without any say by the electorate is nothing short of a gesture of contempt, and disdain towards the voting public. Successive events have now made it clear that we have a Prime Minister utterly unsuited to his position, and I despair when I look at the alternatives.

Most of our politicians are career chasing, image sensitive, self serving empty husks, with an insufferable attitude that they are somehow born to rule.

It could be worse I suppose. Britain has tens of thousands of individuals who are honest, hard working, selfless, intelligent, experienced people of integrity. My friend Bronwyn Chin died last Sunday. It was Easter Day, the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead, which seemed so fitting! For Bronwyn was always full of joy in her Saviour, and this was the day she joined him in life on the other side of death. I only met Bronwyn last year, when I was blessed to be in a prayer group with her at a weekend conference. I was inspired by how she served God with all her small reserves of energy. The day I heard the news I discovered that jogging when you're crying isn't easy. I couldn't stop thinking about and praying through tears for her husband Richard and their four children. My heart is heavy for them because I know that grief is hard. That aching absence always feels so final, even when you know it's not. Today I'm re-reading a wonderful article Bronwyn wrote last year. One of the best things about a new year is that you can read books during it. I was feeling more than a little burnt out, and a grand plan for reading lots of challenging books was low on my priority list. Rightly so, as it turns out: I did very little Christian reading last year. Instead, I took the year off to rest with my family.

But I am now re-energised! Re-enthused! Re-invigorated! Ready to do some serious reading! And what better year to do it in? For the first time, all my kids will be at school, and I'm not taking on any major new challenges.

So I should have plenty of discretionary time to delve into some good books. Dr Ingrid Sturmey. There never was one who came to him with a broken heart, but he healed him. ” My dear hearer, he will not cast you out. You say, “You do not know me, Mr. Spurgeon. The Lord Jesus Christ loves such as you are, you poor, desponding, doubting, desolate, disconsolate one. Daughters of sorrow, sons of grief, look ye here! Jesus Christ has gone on healing broken hearts for thousands of years, and he is well up in the business. He understands it by experience, as well as by education.

This was all the crowd heard out of that parable.

Jesus purposely left them in the dark. If we just had this we wouldn’t have a clue what we were talking about. Some People - And This Is Why Bikes Are Brought To Gangster Choppers. We liked that first one so much we went out the next day and bought this. trailer: The NYT likes the cast, but doesn't have much good to say otherwise. Well, I like it, but as a choice for him? Fail! trailer:EW gives it a B- and says,Nearly everything in The Big Lebowski is a put-on, and all that leaves you with is the Coens' bizarrely over-deliberate, almost Teutonic form of rib nudging. It's as if the film itself were standing off to the sidelines, saying ''Look, isn't this a hilarious concept?'' The Coens don't create jokes, exactly—they create ideas for jokes.

Still, you can see what they're after.

Rolling Stone opens with this:Maybe it's the way the Coen brothers tie everything together with bowling that makes this Los Angeles-based tale of burnouts, gun buffs, doobies, tumbleweeds, art, nihilism, porn, pissed-on rugs, severed toes, Saddam Hussein, attack marmots, Teutonic technopop and Bob Dylan — not to mention extortion, kidnapping and death — such a hilarious pop-culture hash. ''DVD Talk says, "The Coens' writing is as amusing as ever, with perhaps more quotable dialogue per minute than any movie they've made. " Salon. Wikipedia claims "it is the oldest known surviving film made by an African-American director". I find the exaltation of "the North, where the prejudices and hatreds of the South do not exist" a bit hard to buy.

It seems to move a bit slowly, and it's hard for me to get involved.

Too much romance for my taste, maybe. A Film Canon calls it "a powerful, sophisticated inversion of Birth Of A Nation. ". When It Will Be Silent is a science fiction short film written and directed by Don Sachar. " Twitchfilm says, "it was shot in the no-man's land between Israel and Jordan, and it uses the barren region as an incredibly effective setting". Quiet Earth calls it a "beautifully shot little story". HT: The Zeray Gazette. This edition of the Li'l Film Fest has been themed to be part of the Sivad festival at the Brooks Museum. Que Sera, Sivad, directed by GB Shannon, won both the Jury award and the Audience Choice Award. It was one of my two favorites and I did end up voting for it, but I had another favorite in Dead End, directed by Dennis Pullen. "I hope they do it again. Peak of Mt. I put on my mind being a hiker I need also to conquer my fears and to experience that because I never encounter a leech on the trail. One of the reasons why Mt. Makiling is not on my list because of that leeches hahaha. although that mountain is popular to all hikers. The day of the climb came, on my mindset leeches will bite me because some of the articles that I read they experienced bitten by leeches on that mountain. As preparation to myself, I asked all my buddies what I should do if leech bite me they said the best thing is bring an alcohol then spray directly to the leech. Gate After we took our breakfast at the gotohan we started a li’l prayer led by Ma’am Emm. Natib and other mountains of Bataan. well, it was a fantastic evening, which was well worth going to and I cannot wait until next year! As usual The Firm did a fantastic job and Mr Skyes should be much credited for a well thought out event. We must support great events such as this if our scene is not to die. I recently came across these few paragraphs, written years ago by my wife Bessie. I hope they will be of some benefit to you.

“Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently.

How do you help someone who is not a Christian when you see a problem in their life? Well, what is the main problem of non-Christians? They do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm back of the swing of things this week. And it's very familiar but also strange. So when I started the workout, and realized that I was actually having to work a bit, it was a bit of a surprise. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was. But once I accepted the fact that marathon training requires one to buckle down and do work, it was fine. Almost easy, in fact. Interesting week. I hate late people and late storms. The result was a workout that was run gingerly and carefully on a track half-covered in snow and ice. I now feel qualified to train up north, should I ever need to. The second phase was to insert needles into certain muscles, and then have me tense those muscles while a machine tracked the nerve activity. "As any English person will tell you Heathrow is one of those places that you simply detest, and is on par with Milton Keynes. The downside to this, aside from saying goodbye to family and friends, was the fact that I would have to head to Heathrow to catch my flight. As any English person will tell you Heathrow is one of those places that you simply detest, and is on par with Milton Keynes and, for the Aussies, Canberra in the 'detesting stakes'. Naturally my trip to Heathrow was always going to be stressful with a capital 'S'. I haven't worried about Erin Mae's batteries since the end of June. That is, until a few days ago. A few days ago, the batteries seemed to be discharging more than usual overnight – an unexpected phenomenon. Not enough to get seriously down into the red, but enough to suggest that we might not be able to stay in one place for more than one day. I've decided that the last of these is probably irrelevant, and anyway we'll get them looked at tomorrow during the engine service. I suspect that the SmartGauge over-estimates the SOC during charging while cruising, so the readout in the evening is higher than the true value, while the readout in the morning is more accurate. m. Mother and babe are apparently doing well and they're expecting to go home today. We don't yet know what his name is. .