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A heuristic metaphor "allows practitioners to investigate phenomena without implying the casual relationships of the source domain to the target domain" Ruaune et al. Dr. This research scholarship has been generously supported by Northcentral University. M. It is suggested that webcast participants log on and register at least ten minutes prior to the start time at. A replay of the audio webcast will be available approximately two hours after the call concludes. Franciscan University of Steubenville students were very visible and very audible at the audience last Wednesday. Sustained and loud cheers for the Holy Father rang out and cries of "We love you, Papa" were heard when the group was announced to the crowd of pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter's square. Above: Members of the choir of Saint Andrew the Apostle Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, sang for the Holy Father when their group was announced. Rights reserved. As an excuse not to work on my current book. The chapter drafts I have just been looking at are in worse shape than I thought, which is depressing. In the hope of finding someone reasonable to argue with, which might result in changing his views, or mine, or both, in a desirable direction, as well as being fun. It happens very rarely, perhaps once every few months, but I'm an optimist. There is considerable evidence that both falling in love and long term attachment are associated with the levels of various chemicals in the brain. Suppose we learn enough about the process to be able to control it artificially. What might the results be and should we approve?A couple fall in love and get married. To properly regulate their emotions thereafter, they get a prescription for a few months of "being in love" drugs and use them to enjoy their honeymoon and the beginning of their marriage. Being in love is too intense an emotion for the long term, so they then switch to the "long term attachment" prescription. Later, as their schedules permit, they temporarily switch back in order to experience a second, third, fourth honeymoon. That is, however, only the first step in the social changes made possible by the new technology. Currently, falling in love is usually a necessary step in the process that leads to marriage. But should it be? It is not at all obvious that the person you fall in love with is the best candidate for a long term relationship—a point made long ago by defenders of the old system of having parents choose mates for their children. Our emotions, after all, are driven by processes generated by Darwinian selection in a very different environment and "designed" not for our happiness but for reproductive success—the interest not of us but of our genes.

The new drugs provide a new option—choice of mate not by either our parents or our hormones but by our reason.

You employ some suitable search strategy to find a woman who is well suited to be your wife and will think you well suited to be her husband. This year to speed up the production of the Video Bible School DVD's I bought a high speed duplicator. I have built these and used them for years, now I own one of my own. My brother took this picture for his newsletter of me with the duplicator and the printer in the background. I do not like the picture. For some reason I look fat in the picture, how could that have happened? It must be an optical illusion or something. Decoration only.

lots of goodies to be won!!! On to this post.

Todays challenge at The Greeting Farm is "NO COLORING"! Ack. Dr. “So then Mrs Adipose, when did you discover you were allergic to latex” Patient. “Well doctor, a while ago I put on a rubber glove to manually evacuate my rectum, and when I finished my bottom was sore”.

One of the burdens faced by the modern NHS is the enormous morbidity associated with obesity.

Bariatric surgery is now increasingly available as an NHS treatment adding yet more expenditure to an over stretched service, but as yet liposuction can not be obtained and is only available privately. This is a shame as there is a way in which this procedure could in fact generate some money for the NHS, as this enterprising doctor in the USA has shown. When I read this article I started wondering just how much potential motor fuel is currently being carried on the thighs, bums and bellies of British fatties. What follows is a back of an envelope calculation which is unlikely to be terribly accurate but is probably within the right order of magnitude.

There will be mountain bikers who will take over the lead for the Bukit Timah/Zheng Hwa trails.

Anna was to be the tail, sweeping the rear pack runners. There were also some sponsored Northface teams which were pretty strong. The Gobi runners were also out in force, along with good representation from SgRunners. Team FatBird was there to provide some support stations along the way, as well as do a little photo shoot and media coverage for their lead runners. Picture my husband and I sitting side-by-side on the couch in the semi-darkness, watching a DVD. There's the patter of little feet on the floorboards. A plaintive voice says, “Mummy, I'm scared, I can't sleep!” And as always, there's the same response: “Do you want me to pray with you?”“Yes. ”“Okay, snuggle up and we'll pray. ”It's at these moments that I'm grateful that I've taught our children some Psalms.

There never was one who came to him with a broken heart, but he healed him.

” My dear hearer, he will not cast you out. You say, “You do not know me, Mr.


The Lord Jesus Christ loves such as you are, you poor, desponding, doubting, desolate, disconsolate one. Daughters of sorrow, sons of grief, look ye here! Jesus Christ has gone on healing broken hearts for thousands of years, and he is well up in the business. He understands it by experience, as well as by education. Sorry, just had to go off on a tangent here.

It’s too interesting to pass by.

It also stars Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman. This was a nice enough film, enjoyable and well worth watching.


I can't imagine I'll ever watch it again, but I'm glad to have seen it. It's written and produced by David O. Selznick. The cast includes Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Lionel Barrymore, Lilian Gish, Walter Huston, Harry Carey, Butterfly McQueen, Herbert Marshall, Charles Bickford, Sidney Blackmer, Otto Kruger, Joan Tetzel As I was reading about the people involved in the making of the film I was struck by Tilly Losch, who plays Jennifer Jones' mother in this film. I got a kick out of this story from Wikipedia about her first husband:A permanent reminder of Tilly Losch could be seen at Edward James' former home at Monkton, on his West Dean estate. Each day, I wear a seasonally appropriate outfit. When I take it off I put it on the end of the clothes rod in my closet. The next day I get a seasonally appropriate outfit off the other end of the clothes rod. It's not exactly a thoughtful approach to a put-together wardrobe. I'm trying to be more conscious of my clothes just to avoid looking old, dowdy and like I should be living in The Grandmother's senior living apartment building. But sometimes I realize how much I'm failing. Sheesh! On the other hand, Wikipedia says shoulder pads are back, so maybe I acted too quickly? No? I didn't think so. This is a heartbreaking tale, and sadder still is the idea that not much has changed. via youtube: from Wikipedia:The play broached issues that were not then widely discussed in the popular media, such as homelessness, unemployment, and the rights of mothers to keep their own children. Its hard-hitting subject matter and highly realistic documentary style, new to British television, created a huge impact on its audience.

Empire Online calls it "Filmmaking at its most socially conscious, with assured and passionate direction from a young Loach.

C. and stayed to watch it. We had meant to see it when it came out but somehow never got around to it. Roland Emmerich directs and Omar Sharif is the narrator. C. , but I didn't like it as well as those others. Those others had better costumes and were a lot more fun. Tansyrr has a list of favorite stand-alone fantasy novels:Tam Lin, by Pamela DeanThe Time of the Ghost, by Diana Wynne JonesShadows Fall, by Simon R GreenTender Morsels, by Margo LanaganDeerskin, by Robin McKinleyGood Omens, by Neil Gaiman & Terry PratchettTrash Sex Magic, by Jennifer StevensonTooth and Claw, by Jo WaltonThe Anvil of the World, by Kage BakerOlympic Games, by Leslie WhatOnes I've read are in bold print. Sad, huh.

I know I don't read as much fantasy, but I haven't even heard of most of these.

Alex Chilton, lead singer, died last week. But then, I don't much care about the private lives and personal characteristics of famous or notorious people. Audio recording of Fr. Fryar's sermon on "The Wheat & the Cockle" at St. Mary Magdalen Chapel in Camarillo. As he approaches puberty, he should be taught about the female population outside his family. Respect and consideration should again be stressed. He should also be taught to respect, be polite to, and not cut down girls. They will be grateful for the former and hurt if he fails in the latter. “The disciples were amazed at his words. ’ This is the message of the Gospel of grace.

It is something of God not of man.

Emotions and Expressions of ThemGod has given us, spontaneous expressions of internal emotions.

Two of them are tears and laughter. These emotions and expressions can be evoked. A funny story can cause laughter. “Once there was a dear widow woman who lived alone. One day she was working on a jig-saw puzzle of a rooster. She was getting nowhere. “Nevertheless, God's solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: "The Lord knows those who are his," and, "Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness. Of course, God knows those who belong to Him, and these same people, who belong to Him, must turn away from wickedness. These are basic truths. This is God’s foundation, immovable, and these two sentences are inscribed on, and seal that foundation. The first sentence is an indicative statement. It is just so. The second sentence is an imperative statement that is laid on those who confess His name. Much of my life is made up of those who confess the Name but who do not turn away from wickedness. This was a lower mileage week, to refresh myself in anticipation of a heavy race schedule for the next few weeks. It does feel a bit odd to have the extra free time from running. On the other hand, work continues to remain quite hectic, so it balances out. The subject of time, free or otherwise, leads to the subject of time management. And then the question I sometimes get of "how do you fit in all this stuff? The running and the swimming and the foam rolling and the weight training?" Well. I play the game on easy mode. I was one of many just like me. At least among the sane. For the DC outpost of an NYC law firm, this WAS early. But I was there early, driven by a naive brew of type A personality, billable hours, student debt, and a first AND second mortgage. I was both driven and easily distracted, and so the email telling me that the New York office's email was down right now pulled me away for a second. Tower Models' O gauge 'Pug' is a real beauty. not sure I can afford one for myself, especially as it will only sit on a shelf. Ho hum. .