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I was fortunate to stay home with you a lot during this past month. The South had some crazy winter weather and my office was closed probably more than it needed to be. Atlanta basically shut down, but all of our friends and family were safe. The winter storms brought us your first snow! Like the fantastic parents we are, we did not play in it or get any pictures with it. It totally kills me that we did not take advantage of this, but we both had pretty bad colds and your father was adamant about not taking unnecessary chances. I was also told by your teachers at school that we are their favorite parents. Assuming they do not tell everyone this, J and I had to laugh about it. Their reasoning is that we are totally honest and upfront about things and not delusional. In most cases, I have received a free product to try and give my honest opinion about. I received the products I'll be talking about from bzzagent. I was so excited when I landed this campaign, I love Burt's Bees! 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There is, however, a different and disturbing sense in which we might be facing a parallel series of events. According to a version of history that is widely accepted, the Great Depression occurred because of inherent flaws in laissez-faire capitalism and was successfully dealt with by the New Deal. According to a more recent and I think more nearly correct interpretation of the evidence, the Great Depression occurred because the Federal Reserve, the institution created by the government to prevent a banking panic, responded to the initial bank runs by tightening rather than loosening, making the problem worse rather than better. More relevant to the present situation, the account I think more nearly accurate holds that the continuation of the Depression was more nearly because of the New Deal than in spite of it. A decade earlier, what looked as though it should have been the beginning of a great depression was met with no substantial government intervention and the effects were over in a year or so. This time Roosevelt intervened on a massive scale, following a similar but smaller intervention by his predecessor, and the depression was still going eight years later when the attack on Pearl Harbor pulled the U. S. Then thew were stuck on "yard sign" material for a backing. This picture shows where they are soldered together at the factory. I ended my patrol shift at a structure fire, and wrote my first "Crossing Fire Hose" ticket. I am perpetually reminded that people are creatures of habit. If I throw a roadblock in the way of their routine, a surprisingly high percentage of the population simply cannot conceive of an alternate course of action to take. I'm going to do a little hatin', here. Look, I'm not against sports. I'm not against American football. I'm just not a fan. Oh, the athleticism can be fun to watch, especially when you know the players. But I don't get the obsession. I understand the ritualistic warfare aspect of it. I understand that something has to be popular, and if it's not feetball, it's soccer, or baseball, or basketball or. You can take it turn it flip it. whatever works best for you! Paper - MME/ Fiddlesticks Ribbon - May Arts Next weeks challenge is to use FLOWERS in your project. You can use flowers on your paper, flowers on your project or maybe your image has flowers. Doesn't matter, just show us some flowers! After, be sure to email your project to Emily. Pin It. SHOW STOPPERS!! There are lots of amazing creations on today's hop featuring both new images and sentiments from the set!! We know you are just going to LOVE these. Good morning! I hate monday mornings! blah! I always need just one more day of weekend time to get things done and get in some rest time. I need another vaca!! Today is my day to contribute to the Some Odd Girl Blog. I have used Kody with Flowers. Love Kody and he is so adorable holding those flowers. Copics were used to color him and the paper is from the Devoted by Carta Bella line. Thanks for looking today, Tracy Pin It. I have had this cutie made for awhile now and have been so busy that I am just getting around to posting it! I can't get all of you use to me doing daily postings, ya know! hehehe Gotta spread them out a little!! I love how this came out and I took the picture outside and it was perfect lighting. I have YET to find that lighting again. I've tried and tried, it never works so I am back to using my daylight lamps in my craft room. The image is from Saturated Canary, I just LOOOOVE her images. They are fun and adorable! Paper is Simple Stories, sentiment is from my favorite sentiment set by MFT.

Ok, so I now know what it is like to be an addict! No, I'm not talking anything bad.

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They are signs of the annual Ham Fest held every October.

We ended up eating at Reva's Place right on the main street.

I had the catfish plate: I have trouble resisting fried catfish when I see it on a menu, and I enjoyed this.

The slaw and beans were good, too, and the onion rings. You can't see much of my glass in the photo above, but I had iced tea. We enjoyed our meal. We had planned on walking around the town and shopping in the antique shops, but a big storm blew up while we were finishing our meal. We headed back to the lodge, by which time the storm had passed.

Of course.

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The deaths of close friends such as Katherine Howard, Countess of Nottingham, and loyal advisers such as William Cecil, Lord Burghley, probably contributed to the Queen's low moods and depression.

Richmond Palace occupied a special place in the heart of the Tudors: it had been Henry VII's favourite palace. In March that year, however, the Queen fell into what Black terms "settled and unremovable melancholy". When Robert Cecil, son of Lord Burghley and Elizabeth's chief minister, entreated his mistress to go to bed, she retorted charismatically: "the word must is not to be used to princes. little man. As a history student, unfortunately, I get so passionate about wanting to discover the past that I feel I have to read constantly, and I've got this notion into my head that I need to know about every period and nation, not just early modern England. Anyway, I thought I'd post on someone who's fascinated me for a long time now, Margaret of Anjou, the subject of one of those said books I've taken out from the library. Taking for this blog's post the book Margaret of Anjou: Queenship and Power in Late Medieval England by Helen E. Maurer, this post will explore Margaret's controversial but remarkable life as wife of the notoriously inept Henry VI of England.

We got a few interested requests for biographies.

I am sending out a selected list to all of you. H. T.

Quick place holder for the past week of training.

Fit the race report in there somewhere, but didn't get around to the weekly until now. Next week is my goal half. As I've said in previous posts, this is a great little kit, offering good value and the bits all fit together snugly. I've spent quite a while on the painting and weathering, trying out some new techniques and layering many different shades of the wartime olive drab livery. You may not get the full effect from the photos but, in real life, there is a real depth to the finish, with areas of highlights, shadows and fading effects under the dusty weathering. quarrydrives. co. We invite you to. .