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Get To Work boots downsized for toddlers - find them in the boots category for both male and female. He gives them a share in his own mission. From him they receive the power to act in his person. "If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. " Fraternal charity is a demand of the Gospel: "Love one another as I have loved you". An expression of charity is the correction made necessary sometimes by concern for the salvation of a brother or sister. Persons approach conflict out of their experiences and prejudices, whether good or bad, helpful or unhelpful. Happiness. Everyone wants it. Our lives are spent in pursuit of it. Our emotions are often up and down and sometimes so without any reference to the reality around us. Happiness is also neither simply a lack of depression or sadness. just as your Father is merciful. Only the Spirit by whom we live can make "ours" the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. " When he said this, a dispute broke out between the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the group became divided. For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection or angels or spirits, while the Pharisees acknowledge all three. In keeping with their vocations, the demands of the times and the various gifts of the Holy Spirit, the apostolate assumes the most varied forms. But charity, drawn from the Eucharist above all, is always "as it were, the soul of the whole apostolate. From the beginning, the first disciples burned with the desire to proclaim Christ: "We cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.

This is the fabric collage I finally finished in the KC Willis class.

It has been a "very rewarding" experience, and I will do more.

I started with a different plan,,, a different theme,,, and I love it when a project takes on a life of its own choosing. Taking the class with KC was like learning from a sister or close gentle friend. The KC Willis collage camp is on my sidebar and her website is She also has a wonderful blog. MsoNormal, li. MsoNormal, div. “What did you think of your dinner?” I asked a small group of children the other day, as part of an effort to hear their views at Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children’s Centre. There wasn’t much response: one of the children said something like “umm” and some others started looking for things they would rather be doing: anything other than talking to me. I was not doing very well, but I remembered this episode whilst I was reading some old, but still telling, research about children and adults talking in the nursery. On other occasions, adults set up groups and other situations to focus conversation on something, and it almost always falls absolutely flat, producing uninterested and passive children – just like the four-year-old who showed no enthusiasm for talking with me about their dinners. Package includes one piece of scary hand prop. Measurement: approx. Realistically designed, painted and proportioned. Blood spattering and oozing. Made of High quality soft artificial rubber with synthetic cotton padding inside. A great looking prop & a must for your haunted house. Not that I wanted to use it, but now I have that atrocious theme song from "Married with Children" on my mind and it just won't go away! So it's staying, the title that is! Anywho. quick post this morning for you. I have to run out and take a class this a. m. then I am meeting up with my girlfriends for a little lunch and a movie. We plan to see "Something Borrowed". The demand for senior economists willing to lose their marbles in public seems insatiable. Oooo. Enjoy! Greatest cartoon performance ever: Ren Hoek Merry Christmas everyone. . It will be interesting to see how the Bitcoin issuers respond to these challenges. P. S. Steve Williamson provides a nice economic summary of bitcoin here. . Charles Liang, Ms. In the health and safety interests of all Sunbird trainees, trainers and crew, the first session had to be cancelled because of the unhealthy psi levels in the morning.

A short training briefing and sizing was conducted for those who turned up.

Sundown Pacers & Operation NightHawk Runners CelebrateVideo Credit: FatBird Joe. "Why do you keep going on and on about joy?", I hear you ask. "Just how important are feelings anyway?"Faith isn't a feeling. When I fly in an aeroplane, I'm putting my faith in the pilot, but I don't feel anything about him one way or the other. Do I?Obedience isn't a feeling. The whole point of obedience is that I obey God however I feel. Don't I?Well, yes and no. They're not particularly reliable.

When I put my faith in Christ, I may not feel anything much.

And by the way, we made it to the appointment for Lizzy's tooth x-ray today. I was really impressed with this quote by Lt. Col.

There was no racial discrimination whatsoever.

the atmosphere was one of an easy, almost casual mutual respect and there was no doubt that they all trusted and had a high regard for each other, and that this cut right through racial lines. We have a practice of tradition-accumulation. We do something, like it, then declare it a "new tradition". The casserole works well when cooked the night before, refrigerated, then heated for serving in the morning. Drain, crumble and set aside. In it a married woman is involved in an affair with an actor who wants her to leave her husband and marry him and have a baby with him. It's a fascinating study of character, identity and choice.

It's filmed in black and white.

via youtube: I found this quote stunning, as a friend of her husband is summing up the story of Auschwitz to the politically/historically uninformed title character:I'll sum up the story for you. It's a conversation between two Jews. Our poor recliner is a venerable being. It is literally falling apart, and it must be replaced. All our furniture must be small in scale, as our place is small. I also like one we saw at Scan, but it's not one I can curl up in. The Life and Deaths of Rachel Long is a fantasy short story by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She has written some Star Trek novels, but I know her from her Retrieval Artist science fiction series. I've read a couple of those and thoroughly enjoyed them. I read this story online at the author's site.

This author can certainly write.

She has a way with the words so that you don't think about the story, you get involved in it. It begins:"The fifth time she died, she took the guitar with her. She went down in a haze of smoke and ash, bullets and flames. And this time, not even the music remained. "It is a chronicle told by a man who was there through it all. a quote from the story:"Only love and hope survive, she sang, for in them lies the best of us. "I read this for the Once Upon a Time Challenge Short Story Quest. Sheffield Antique Mall is out in Collierville, a suburb of Memphis, TN. I had never been to this antique mall before but wanted to check it out to see if it could take the place of the sadly demolished BoJo's in my heart. Alas, no. It's a fine place, but as big as it is it's missing a touch I can't describe -that Je ne sais quois that Bojo's had aplenty. The picture above is a view from the entrance. The place really is huge. I tried on a hat in the booth pictured above. Sweet hat, but more than I was ready to pay. This one was held in Whitehaven, and we had heard it would be _packed_ with muggles, ummm, I mean tea-partying ringers.

That turned out not to be the case, though Cohen mentioned that he had heard the same rumors and appeared to have been prepared.

I held mine up a couple of times. The Daughter took a picture of hers, which is at the bottom of this post.

The venue filled up fairly quickly with a mostly sympathetic audience, and the event started promptly with the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Cohen contrasted this recitation with the one at the August meeting during which the phrase "under God" was screamed. For the story basically is no more than a good old-fashioned thriller which makes use of most of the tricks of the old ten, twent' thirt'—the mad villain, the chase on sleights to save an abducted child, the letter which at the last moment whitewashes the accused. ". I'll not give too much away here, as the project will feature in Model Rail in the near future.

But, here are some photos of the main baseboard, showing how it looks as of this morning.

I'm pleased with the farm approach road - Tamiya textured paints are perfect for this sort of thing. Look out for a full report in Model Rail in the future. I. e. a gadget for inspecting, not the TV cartoon character. A late birthday present from my best beloved. Ordered from Amazon, picked up yesterday from Brewood Post Office, and put to work today to measure current through various battery and alternator cables. I'm still getting used to the idea of measuring a current by putting a gadget around the cable in question, instead of wiring a meter in series with it. Even if the readings are not precision accurate, it's already provided some very useful information during a morning's experiment and analysis. My thanks to nicknorman on the CanalWorld forums for suggesting it. Even when roads are not far away, the Monty has the feel of being miles from anywhere. You cruise along, often in your own little bubble / time warp, but usually with views through the trees of this fairly flat landscape to some small hill in the distance. Conditions mean you travel slowly and, anyway, today our destination is not far and there's unlikely to be any pressure on mooring space. So we pushed on past Maesbury Marsh, under the lift bridge… and winded at Gronwen wharf, which is as far as you can navigate. It seems it's Gronwen for the wharf, but Gronwyn for the bridge just beyond. So now we are tied up, facing the right way for the return journey – but that's not till Sunday. There's a folk session tonight in the Navigation Inn, and the prospect of something good from their excellent menu at some point during the weekend. Hope both are better than the brickwork!. But it is called a village, and most of the shops are single traders – of national chains we noticed just a Co-op and three banks.

Only the pubs were open as we strolled around, but we saw lots of fascinating emporia should we have time tomorrow – craft and knitting shops, a pottery outlet, a hardware shop advertising "Jampot covers are now in stock", and Jaspers the bakers which we know will have a queue of customers out of the door around lunch time.

We had opportunity for only the briefest of conversations, but it seemed the first was still trading on the canals, operated by a single-hander, while the others certainly could have been. We don't really know whether these last were liveaboards, or simply people who love their boats but melt into the rest of society Monday to Friday.

We got to thinking later that both the single trader in Penkridge and the person who makes his living on the cut share a particular sort of individuality – going their own way, distinct from how most people do things.

I have Vallisneria americana, Ludwigia repens and Bacopia Monneri in my tank now and will soon have some Philippine Java ferns and some petite Anubias. I am using API Leaf Zone and I bought but haven't used Flourish Excel yet b/c I was told that overdosing will melt the vallis? What are some suggestions on care for these plants? I was considering purchasing Flourish tabs. If you are not going to attach them to a rock or piece of wood, then just make sure that you only put the stringy root parts in the ground. Flourish Tabs are good for the rooted plants, won't do anything for your Ludwigia or Moneywort tho. Only rooted plants benefit, stem plants get all their nutrition from the water column. If you dose a tank that has Vals or Anacharis, you have to dose light - like half a dose of Excel.