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A simple recolor of the toddler t-shirt, now with a pocket. If you have any issues, please send me an ask here. For the Son of Man is Lord of the sabbath. But Jesus never fails to respect the holiness of this day. He gives this law its authentic and authoritative interpretation: "The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. Everyone has made a wrong decision at some point in their life, and everyone can speak about the suffering or pain caused by bad decisions. What, on the other hand, about the suffering or pain that is caused by doing the right thing? How often can we say that we suffered personally and willingly for doing right? Or that we chose to do what was right and good with foreknowledge of the cost to ourselves? I recently spoke with a father who is suffering for doing the right thing. This man is a divorced father who fell in love with a divorced woman, who also has children, and they subsequently decided to move in together. After some time with this arrangement, however, the man decided that his sense of sin in living with a woman to whom he is not married demanded that he do the right thing: follow his conscience and break up. Now they are living separately and the relationship has changed to the point where their future together is uncertain. This man rejected a sinful relationship that simulated the spousal love he rightly seeks in order to choose faithfulness to his vocation as a father and to avoid scandal as a Godly example for his children. Shouldn't someone feel good if they have done a good thing? Yes. But the reality of sin and human nature means that the right and the good will sometimes be opposed, even by people we love the most. Opposition can bring the pain of internal conflict even for those with a clear conscience. Our heavenly Father is the best of fathers: He always gives us what we need no matter the cost to Himself. "He gave His only Son" because that is precisely what we needed, mired in sin and in need of salvation as we were after the sin of our first father, Adam. "The life of the father is like the life of the son. Only the one who sins shall die. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being. ‘This is the heir. On that land the ancient olive tree grows whose holy roots were the prophets and in which the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles has been brought about and will be brought about again. That land, like a choice vineyard, has been planted by the heavenly cultivator. Yet the true vine is Christ who gives life and fruitfulness to the branches, that is, to us, who through the Church remain in Christ, without whom we can do nothing. In our liturgical life this Sunday we celebrate the "inauguration" - of the Kingdom. " 'Now after John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, and saying :"The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent, and believe in the gospel. This gathering is the Church, 'on earth the seed and beginning of that kingdom. This work makes the kingdom present for the renewal and conversion of Christians and of all mankind. "Within the Church Christ calls all men to conversion, as the unfolding and growth of baptismal grace. Jo-Anne Coletti has done it again!If it is as dreamy as the first magazine, and it will be, well, what a treat. Jo-Anne is gifting one by the end of August,,,,,wait,,,that is tomorrow!Hurry over to Vintage Rose Collection to get your name in the hat. Responses on G+ to some of what I posted on polygamy raise an interesting consequentialist argument against it—that wealthy men would "buy up" too many wives, leaving a surplus of unmarried single men likely to cause social problems such as increased levels of crime. The argument takes it for granted that polygamy mostly means polygyny, multiple wives rather than multiple husbands. Historically that has been the pattern. One answer is that men, for reasons probably hardwired by evolution, want to know which children are theirs in order that they can avoid spending their scarce resources on other men's children. Prior to modern times, maternity was an observed fact, paternity a conjecture. The obvious way of strengthening the conjecture was to arrange matters so that a woman had sex with only one man, a condition satisfied by monogamy and polygyny but not by polyandry. Modern paternity testing, which I like to refer to as the stealth reproductive technology, changed that. It no longer requires a wise child to know his father, merely a properly equipped lab. A second possible answer is that under pre-modern conditions, with high rates of both infant mortality and death in childbirth, one woman could not be counted on to produce as many children as several husbands would want. This seems to be true not only in the U. S. but in Europe as well, although that conclusion is based on less data—one fancy hotel in Helsinki, one each less fancy in London and Paris. I began to respond, and then decided that this needed a post all its own. I don't think that's necessarily the truth. No Knocks increase the likelihood of our being shot at. What about the innocents and those maybe not-innocent-but-not-deserving-of-being-shot? Shouldn't we protect their lives? If we lay it out that way, I think that the average cop will agree that No Knock Warrants have by and large had their day. The vast, vast vast majority of cops do not serve No-Knock Warrants. I count three early-eighties references right off-hand. Anyone else see more?Labels: earworms, reminiscing. I was at the Massive Home Hardware Center today, and happened to pass the key-cutting station.

Thinking that I'd not yet gotten spare keys for my new residence, I stopped there and grabbed for my keys, looking wistfully around and wondering how long I was going to have to wait.

But wait. This guy actually knew how to man the key-cutter, and asked how many I wanted, and didn't sigh when I asked for three. I thought about it, and said, "Not to impune your skills, but let's make it four, to give me an extra, just in case. "He smiled and said "I've got a pretty good record on this thing. It's how you set the key in the machine. "No doubt, I thought, thinking back to my time as a locksmith's assistant. About a year or maybe a little longer ago I restored the same year and color of Le Tour but this on is much taller.

I love the Schwinn Le Tours as most readers know.

They are a very underrated bicycle. What more do you need? This is one of the better starting condition Le Tours I have seen in a while. It is a fairly clean bike with no real bad spots. Mainly needs a good polishing and a mechanical rebuild. UO Oregon Ducks University Large College Flag by College Flags and Banners Co. Oh my! What a busy weekend. A friend invited me up to Ft Wilderness at Disney. I was only going to stay one night, but ended up there for the entire weekend. We had such a good time. We left the boys home and it was a total girls weekend. Then stuffed ourselves at the Food and Wine Event at Epcot on Saturday. I must say, that was delicious!!!!!!! Epcot usually has food and beer from all the counties but this event has samples from all the regular countries and more. So Japan is in recession. And it's all so unexpected. Ring the alarm bells! Well, hold on for a moment.

In terms of what we should have expected, I think it's fair to say that most economists would have predicted the qualitative nature of the observed dynamic in response to an anticipated tax hike.

The two principal byproducts of the Plasma Converter are a synthesis fuel gas called PCG and an obsidian-like stone, which is non-toxic and non-leachable. The PCG can be directly used for plant heating or cooling, to make electricity, or to desalinate water, as well as other uses. Additionally, the PCG can be used to make hydrogen or methanol. The obsidian-like stone can be sold to the construction and abrasives industries. And another thing relevant to my post on acting up. Why are trusts so keen to pay premium rates to nurses to do the doctors job, but so reluctant to spend money on ensuring adequate nurse staffing levels on the wards?.

Wee took some nice team photos of Team FatBird with the Dusty Run poster.

For some reason, it's been a year for volcano cakes in our house. Put it in the freezer overnight. This is where we went wrong. Psychologists now think the solution to depression is not drugs, but changing the way you think. Or so Dorothy Rowe claimed in an article I was reading the other day. "Instead of constantly criticising, praise and encourage yourself. You'll need to confront the events that occurred just before you became depressed. You blamed yourself and inadvertently created the prison of depression. There is a key to this prison: accepting and valuing yourself, and accepting the natural uncertainty of life.

"Self-talk was around a long time before modern psychology.

But the content was a little different: honest wrestling with God about one's despair, and arguing oneself into faith. Read the Puritans. Our good news is the gospel of Jesus Christ. etc. We are not doomed to an empty life of toil and drudgery, pain and restlessness, then to an eternity of either non-existence as pseudo-scientists believe or a burning Hell for our souls. We have the promise of eternal life with the God who created us, being transformed into being like Himself, free, in a spiritual, glorified body from all suffering and pain we can experience in our physical existence on earth.

Today, I'll be covering the sixth book in the series, Aphrodite: Goddess of Love.

Almost there! My first proposed title for Aphrodite's book was Aphrodite: The Power of Love, until me editor Neal Porter wisely pointed out that it put him in the mind of that old Huey Lewis and the News song, of course ruining that title for all time for me. Thank goodness he did, but for those of you keeping score at home, that's four title my publisher, and two titles me. Here's my original sketch for the cover to Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. Note how much older Eros is here than how he appears in the final book. I had to jettison that idea as it simply didn't fit, either space-wise or thematically. You go Momma's! This week I held one of my kid's classes and they made these chalkboard framed art for their Mom's. So sweet. I hope today finds you able to spend precious time with your families. Based on that design, the Cogan Valley Machine version was developed for the Gravely air cooled "T" head engine used in the model "L" tractor.

A few years ago, after the success of the "T" head valve guide, a small run of valve guides for the Kohler engine, used in Gravely tractors, was produced.

They have been serving the Kohler powered Gravely tractors as well as the "L"s. Duh. Anyway, today I follow up on Wednesday's talk to Linda Raschke's team as I expand on and clarify a few of my responses with respect to stops and trading system setup. I also touch on the harmful concept of a daily or weekly goal, as well as the irrelevance of short-term results from any system or methodology.

Enjoy the video and weekend.

This might not be understood by some of you, but here goes anyway. People are subject to two kinds of laws: God’s laws and man’s laws. We are to obey them or be punished by them. There is a way we can get out from under man’s laws—die! And there is a way to get out from under God’s laws—die! However, there is a difference in the way we die. In the second case we can die to the law and remain alive physically. “Likewise, my brethren, you have died to the law through the body of Christ, so that you may belong to another, to him who has been raised from the dead in order that we may bear fruit for God.

God’s moral law does three other things.

So yay. My plan this summer, as I've noted before, is to race the mile or shorter a lot. Additionally, the oppressive heat and humidity of a DC summer really isn't much of a factor for a race that lasts six minutes or less. The resin parts fit together well and the use of cyano glue has allowed for rapid progress. There's some extra filling and fettling required before the extra detailing parts are installed, such as handrails, clack valves and lamp brackets. These aren't supplied with the kit, so I've been rooting through my scrap and spares boxes for suitable fittings. Thanks to everyone who attended, who worked really hard and made the courses a pleasure to teach. Sussex really is a beautiful county and it made a nice change to travel there by train, especially as I elected to go by the scenic route and avoid the big, bad metropolis of London. And, yes, the two I travelled on did smell of a chemical toilet. But hey, that's progress. ARRAYASSOCIATIVITY: Sets the default behavior of new arrays to be associative or non-associative. CACHEMAXFILES: Sets the maximum number of graphics cache files saved in the local configured temporary folder for the product. PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS Controls the appearance of a polyline when it is reversed. POINTCLOUDBOUNDARY Turns the display of a point cloud bounding box on and off. POINTCLOUDCLIPFRAME Controls whether a point cloud clipping boundary is visible on the screen and when printed. SELECTIONPREVIEWLIMIT Limits the number of objects that can display preview highlighting during a window or crossing selection. Where to find these options can be tricky to find. The following links should help get you started:AutoCAD LT central location for all support is HERE. Known and documented issues with solutions or things to try are posted in the Knowledge Base Section. Seek out help from fellow LT users in the open Discussion Groups area. Autodesk Per-Incident Support offers support for most products through interaction with product support specialists. It is designed to meet occasional technical support needs. After initial review, callers can speak directly to an Autodesk product support specialist. A pre-existing support agreement is not required as you pay per-incident, by credit card. Overcast and gray. But not raining, and the wind has dropped. It's time to bid a fond farewell to Chester. Some day we might go on through the city and up to Ellesmere Port, but not now. We'll saunter down to Middlewich for the Folk and Boat Festival at the end of next week. If we get there too early we'll see if there's time for a brief trip north to see the Anderton Boat Lift. Chester has been a good experience, from the initial tourist-type exploration, through the excitement of the Olympic torch, the soaking days that followed and the fun of a day out with family. .