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Washington State Cougars WSU University Large College Flag by College Flags and Banners Co. Pretty soon after I had settled into the new routine I realized there was something missing. Personal projects are frowned on at my new employment digs. I realized I needed to put my own personal shop together. I made an attempt at the house we were living in at the time. Word to the wise, never buy a house without a garage if your a metalworker or gear head. All we had was a pathetic carport. Fortunately there was enough land to build something. Working with a local builder we had plans drawn up for a super garage workshop addition. The deeper we got into the planning the higher the cost crept. Its the old get a little contract and then wait for the additions or change orders to bloat the job out. I thought I would update this post by showing a map of the US and the locations of all of the earthquakes that have happened in just the last week. It is getting crazy.

They are now predicting a volcano in Alaska as well as Yellowstone.

What about southern California??Rumblings, that's how I would describe it. In the news just a few days ago there was a report on the rumblings at Yellowstone. You are either not who I thought or quite blind to where we are. I am sorry for either. After all, he is the only one tracking the very dirty laundry in the White House. " I would submit that, if you haven't figured out that I love this nation, then you haven't been paying attention. And if you think that Glenn Beck is the only watchdog on the White House, then you might consider broadening your view. Labels: callback, One Nation, polarization. They died while in service for their country, as soldiers do, and always will do. I hope that the President gives as much thought to those who died overseas, for our nation. Dad and I were talking about how the murderer, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, should be charged. I did. For those of you who work on Sunday, live in the U. S. It's time for Daylight Saving Time. I really like this bike and i will give you a little background on why I like it. M. shift. understand what kind of mood you're in. On bad days, turn it around, and it reads "You Want Some Of This?". Made of extremely durable bonded marble resin, this figure is fade and breakage resistant. Printed Coco Coir Doormat Nautical Design by William F.

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Our awesome team of designers are gearing up to give you a little repeat of the latest release at SPD! I created a easy watercolor background for my FunkyWreath. I stamped the Funky Wreath All Seasons onto my cardstock and then cut it out with the Funky Wreath All Seasons Sugarcut. I then layered it onto the background. Next I stamped our flowers using the Funky Wreath Spring Addition stamp set. I cut all of the flowers using the Funky Wreath Spring Sugarcut. Good morning!! It's time for another Bella-Riffic FRIDAY!! We have a wonderful SKETCH for you. I love Sketches. My work can be seen in children's books, greeting cards, craft supplies, children's room decor, and more! My art has been featured in various international magazines and websites. But for now, I'm good to go. The following card is made using "If friends were Flowers" by Stretch N Bubbles. You can purchase this digi HEREShe is colored with Copic Markers. The punch is from MS. The papers are from my stash. I cut the oval out with my CM cutter. Challenges:Lord Have Mercy - Sketch. Mesa sells dialysis meters and calibration solutions as well as dialysis meter services. Pretty much all of us in medicine have had to do some research during our careers, and we've had to publish. It's been a necessary part of our training. I, like many others, didn't enjoy it very much and was glad to get it over with and return to a career of clinical medicine. But that's not to say having done it was without value. It taught us a lot about the pitfalls and errors of research, and how to look critically at the published work of others. One of the great principles of science to my mind is that of uncertainty, or tolerance. The history of medicine, and science in general, is full of instances when cherished long held beliefs have had to be discarded in the face of new evidence. We are all still here despite the apocalyptic predictions of Harold Camping and his moronic followers. They are not the first failed prophets of doom and their humiliation does not deter those making similar predictions for future dates. But fundamentalist religious loonies do not have a monopoly on outrageous and ridiculous predictions. And just like Harold Camping, the response to failure of the prediction is is to claim mathematical error and give a revised date. I like to think I keep an open mind on the science of climate change. The science has been delivered by some very clever scientists using state of the art technology. Crown Prosecution ServiceOpen season then!. Last time I wrote about Joni Eareckson Tada's When God Weeps, I was very enthusiastic! I'd just finished the first section, about God's character - his joy, his suffering, his sovereignty - and how these relate to the horror of suffering. I loved this, with only a slight qualification: the language about God's sovereignty isn't always as strong as the Bible demands. I've now finished the second section, about the "why" of suffering. It took me a little longer to get my head around it. But I read and re-read and re-re-read it, and ultimately found it a very helpful summary of some of the "why"s of suffering. As others watch us trust God through suffering, they are inspired to endure patiently, challenged to take God seriously, and moved to love those who suffer. Suffering is for me, to grow my character. I’m sure you can think of traditions that may be based in Biblical principles or things that are really helpful in today’s world that churches do but aren’t what was a part of New Testament church practice. Sometimes even to question these things is considered not to be spiritual. When a Pastor prefers traditions over Bible reading, letting God speak to you daily and cleanse your heart, then he is condemning his congregation to powerlessness and there will be no Holy Spirit revival there. 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There's been a television adaptation, but I haven't seen any of them. Meanwhile a prominent international lawyer is found dead aboard an intercity train bound for Vence. I've been interested in Sumo since I saw my first picture of sumo wrestlers when I was a child. It was one of those old Japanese paintings, and I was fascinated. I live in West Tennessee, and news about Sumo isn't exactly in the local headlines. I picked up tidbits and information as I could, but it couldn't help but be a back-burner interest. My breakthrough was the discovery of the Jason's in Japan Youtube Sumo channel.

Suddenly I could get emails informing me of his video coverage of the tournaments.

I was a happy camper, and I learned a lot more about the sport and the current wrestlers. I discovered other Youtube channels and news sources. but this time we were nowhere near Beale. The Daughter and I drove out to Shelby Farms Park to the trail head of the Greenline, a project that's transforming abandoned railroads into bike/pedestrian trails. There's precious little shade at this end. There are some flowers, though: Two different people warned me about snakes as I was taking those pictures, but I'm honestly not worried about snakes. I was making plenty of noise, and I was not off the trail in the flowers. The first person acted so shocked at my response that I just said, "Thank you," to the second. The trail crosses the Wolf River: There's some woodland: and even more water: and what looks like the beginnings of a "love locks" bridge: but the one in France collapsed from the weight, so let's not get too carried away. We ran into some construction on/over the trail: There were signs instructing cyclists to dismount when traveling through the construction zone, but not a single one did. This one is actually frightening if you have any foreboding at all about the mental health system.

That Lisbeth has been nearly martyred again and again in a crucible of male violence is part of the trilogy’s kink and probably a large part of its appeal.

" Salon. And above all, he was tough. " TCM and AMCTV have short biographies.

The photo at the top of the post is from Wikipedia.

Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more. I played this week with two people who were both into and quite adept and back flogging. My flogger is made of deer-skin and so is soft to the touch and creates a fantastic sensation across the skin on the back when it is struck. Though I have experienced much I realize it is easy to do the same old thing all the time. Of course given the right setting and scenario, most punishments will I accept, provided I know the person and we have developed a play relationship, however there is also a place for pure sensation play with someone who is merely dominant over me. He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord. When the small and the great stand before the great white throne and the books are opened, it will not be a time of trial. There will be no defense counsel, no prosecutor, no jury, and no appeals to any higher court. There is no higher court. The books will be read and the sentence will be pronounced. It is that simple. Apparently these books have no errors in them, so the judgment really took place when the event took place, when it was recorded in the book. Seated next to me was an attorney from Pakistan. With much vehemence he said, “They are all run by dictators. ” Over the years I have meditated on his answer and have done a little bit of research. Among the Shiites there is no separation between politics and theology. The descendants of Ali are the only rightful caliphs. The caliph has absolute political and theological power. He is appointed by God. He is not elected. Democracy is foreign to this form of Islam. Not quite the time I wanted, but oh well.

I had pretty high hopes for this race going in - I've been feeling really good about my fitness these last few weeks.

So I rested up for this race, hydrated and ate up, and hoped the weather would cooperate. Oh well. I had raced a half-marathon in warm conditions before, so I knew how to do it - carry a water bottle and start very conservatively. Hopefully in a few weeks this will pass and I'll be back to normal. I'm sick of feeling like I've been run over by a truck nearly every day. I tried swimming a bit on Tuesday, and it exposed just how limited my lungs are right now. Sports massage at night. I recently wrote a post on Dan Meyer's toothpick problem and mentioned something about a tough sequel I made for the kids. I was worried that the first question was too easy to solve and they really needed something a little more challenging. So I asked them to determine how many toothpicks I would need to make as large a triangle I could on the floor of the classroom. That's it. And with that, my students had everything they needed to figure this out.


almost everything. After we arrived home late yesterday afternoon, there was a fair amount of sorting out to do, and it was dark before I got out the car keys. I stood at the front of the boat, and pressed the button on the key fob, hoping to see an answering wink from the car. Nothing happened. The Focus seems to use more than its fair ration of electrons when you'd think everything was turned off. "Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonders where the birdies is. " That's how the rhyme goes, as I recall. For those interested in language, "spring" here is both a noun and a verb, with "sprung" as a participle of the verb "to spring". Ah, what a loss I must have been to the English teacher fraternity. However, what we have here… is an adjective. A spring line is a second mooring line running at an angle to the first, to stop the boat moving around either in the wind or when another boat goes by. Properly set up, it will hold your boat very steady, and at Skipton junction, Erin Mae needs something to do just that. Boats of all sorts pass all the time, and the edge of the path wobbles around as it curves away. Without that spring line, bangs and crunches are regular occurrences. A mailing list email from Phil Grundy / LICC arrived in my inbox today. I thought it interesting enough to reproduce. Never out of print, it has been adapted many times for film, stage, opera, and other media. Darkness, loneliness and death are juxtaposed with light, joy and warmth in a moral tale of second chances and redemption. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was partly inspired by the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the working class poor, children in particular, and Dickens’ desire to convey their plight. Charitable giving increased after its publication. It popularised the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’, and established other words – like ‘Scrooge’ and ‘Humbug’ – in the English language. Much of its sentiment remains at the heart of our modern day Christmas. .